Ability to setup Ranging Groups with suggested orders in Administrator.

The Suggested Order should function like a template, that populates the (suggested order) column then the user is free to manipulate it as they please without it having to link back to the source

To setup the suggested order for ranging groups, you will need to log into Administrator 


1. Click on Ranging Group on the Left Side panel.



  2. You can select a ranging group that was created or create a new one


  • The screen allows you to select which Account Groups you want the suggested order to apply to
  • Save the changes


3. Click on Suggested Order Settings




 By ticking “Use Initial Suggested Order Quantity” you can now apply the rules for  suggested order for certain products




Once the rules have been set and applied, a new “SO” column will appear under the Ranging Group




 Suggested Order on the Field Sales App


Once the rules have been created and applied on Administrator, a message will appear on the top of the Order work item.

 1. Once you click on Apply, the QTY and Suggested columns will update and be highlighted Blue




 If you made any changes to the Qty or Suggested Order the colour will change to Green from Blue.

 Suggested Orders on Field Sales Windows App


The colour scheme for suggested order is a darker blue and Qty a lighter blue. However, when the QTY gets updated, that will become a darker blue colour