Create a new Visibility Rule 

  1. Click on System Config > Visibility Rules.

  2. Click on Create New Visibility Rule

  3. Enter in a Description that will describe this collection of Accounts. For example: A Grade Accounts. 

  4. Click on Create Visibility Rule.

  5. Your Visible Rule should be added successfully.

Adding rules to a Visibility Rule

  1. Click on Add Rule Set.

  2. Click on the Account Type field located in the rule set and select the account type for the accounts you want.

  3. Click on the drop down menu next to Add This Level to Rule Set and select a group. The group will be the criteria to determine which accounts will be in this Visibility Rule. 

  4. Click on Add This Level to Rule Set.

  5. The Group will be added to the rule set. 

  6. Click on the Group field and select the group for the accounts you want.

  7. You can view the list of accounts based on your Rules by clicking on Search in the Account Search section.

  8. When you are happy with the rule set, click on Save Changes.

  9. Your visibility rule should be saved successfully with the rules.